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It would be nice if you have a end-game purpose to create like as much as possible but then to be able to funnel all the good you create into the elevator or something. Because then you wouldn't have to store it all.

It would be nice if there was some prestige connected to this. Maybe just a number going up or maybe some kind of status you can buy with points you get.
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THIS!  I love the game, but can see the end game even not having much of a point.  Make a leader board for whose sent up the most of X item in the space elevator.
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yeah if there was a tab on the space elevator for just sending things to space that randomly chose between a bunch of items(like 10,000 iron ingot, 500 quickwire,and 1000 motors) and randomly assigned a item with an amount after every launch and just have a counter like factorio does with their endgame. i dont need a reward just a incentive to justify my 60/m heavy modular frame base build
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I agree with you, BUT this game is in early release and we only have 6 out of 10 tiers available. We havent reached the real end game and none of us have any idea of what the later tiers will involve besides the resources we currently dont use (sulfur,quartz, bauxite, silica) I too am getting a little bored but I also try to keep in my head that this game is in early release. Like a real early release, not the money grabbing kind we see so often these days. A game like this would be impossible to balance without a huge player testing base. I appreciate what Coffee Stain is doing and how they are goin about it with giving us a roadmap and being active on social media and discord as well as youtube. Its refreshing to see a early access game do it right. We all just need a little patience for more content. :)
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It would, perhaps, be very cool if at every stage of the game...The Space Elevator had some kind of 'grind' interaction separate from tier progression.

That way, sort of, at any point in the game; players can crunch and make mega factories for whatever step of progression they're at.  

Content; I strongly feel doesn't represent an end-game or endless mode.  We're going to burst through content with speed.

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I agree the game seems like it won't scale well so far, but I think once the modding community which will ABSOLUTELY rise up gets involved, content will never be a problem. For now the devs are going to focus on the main content I imagine.
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