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Bug I experience:
I place down 2 insdustrial storage(MkII) next to each other, the closest i can place them, then I insert a stack of material to the storage at the end, the material doesnt get transported, so i try to insert a piece of Mk4 conveyor between the 2 units and i cant select them. It used to be a quick double click operation, now i can't target the spot.

Anyone else experiencing the same? Its very very annoying

Edit#1: Updated the build version
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All buildings seem to be affected. Splitters/mergers used to be able to be placed next to each other, now it says "The Conveyor belt has an invalid shape!"
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Yes same thing has happened to me i spent last 24 hours looking for a lost crate in a sea of markII i deleted to locate a crate when i went back to restore my crates unable to reconnect.  This topic is on the splitter /merger thread as a hotfix later this week i hope this is included as well.
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This continues in early access CL#99303 build as well
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Today still having same issues with close proximity ISC's trying to attach  mk4 belts , top bottom  jumping up down helps so does banging head into desk :P I'm sure they figure out the glitch eventually. It worked flawlessly 2 patches ago .

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Try the top input/outputs that was easier for me to connect. :)
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Oh yea, if you stand on top of it, then you can connect the top in/out. Thank you for your input. However, the thing is ,that i cant do that atm, at least, i wont. My problem is that in order to refurbish my warehouses, i need to swap a lot of storages, but only the 2nd and the 4th row.

Pic: https://i.imgur.com/2su9KuM.png

So yea, i cant access the top, thats why i couldnt connect them myself i suppose, i didnt have the angle. I settled to the solution of waiting for the fix, you can see that one in the first column.
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