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On the experimental branch you no longer can place a Splitter/Merger in the middle of a foundation and then connect it to the wall. You now have to offset is by one increment.



So I found out that if I aim very precisely I can manage to attach the conveyor. But its much harder than before. Might be due to the new bug where you can attach to existing poles even though they are connected already?

Its quite hard to see but there is a blue ghost for the wall conveyor which is connected already. This bug is not limited to wall connectors but to any pole as far as I can see


Edit 2:

Turns out: standing on top of the splitter/merger connecting both wall and merger/splitter works like a charm! Nice workaround for me.
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I was not able to duplicate your bug. I tried with all of the different sorters in the same configuration shown in your picture using a smelter behind the sorter. If anyone else could try and duplicate that would be great.
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So its working for you? Very intereseting!
Maybe its relevant to add that I am playing on a map generated by the experimental version.
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I am also playing experimental. I had one instance last night where it went finicky but it still went in the hole in the end I just had to get the rigth angle on it.
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It's very consistently not working for me. When it works I have to try really hard to massage in a very tight invisible spot. Most of the time I just place the conveyor down and then add the splitter or merger onto the belt. But with that I have no snapping to the grid. It's very annoying.
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I was about to report the same thing. When the merger/splitter is too close to the wall, the conveyor snaps to the wall, but then snaps around/away from the merger/splitter.

Good that Lebirram got it to work, but getting the right angle after finicking with it, is not how it works in stable. Definitely needs fixing right?
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