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I know that in experimental you have put the icons in for TurboFuel and Compacted Coal into the game, but maybe later you can make them look different enough to tell the difference between them.  Right now I have both Fuel and TurboFuel in my inventory and at a glance, I can't tell the difference between the two and the same for Coal and Compacted Coal
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Perhaps something as simple as a little fire graphic in one of the icon's corners.
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I say make the turbo fuel cans yellow and the compacted coal into a cube or some polygon shape
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When Compacted coal was called Enriched coal, it was redish, Now  there isn't any difference.  They've fixed the turbofuel to be purple, wouldn't it be easy to swap the icon BACK to what they already had?
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yeah a cube for the coal or some bricks, because compacted means it has been pressed i guess? So it shouldnt look completely the same.
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IRL typically gasoline is stored in red containers and diesel is stored in yellow containers.

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Is not only that... I made a turbofuel plant, and even I was carefully I made some connection mistakes because turbofuel use exactly same design (is also written FUEL) like fuel canisters.

So if anybody read, PLEASE at least change the color of turbofuel canister with red instead of orange in game and of course in inventory. I suppose is not so big deal.
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Yep, have it's own proper color would be wonderful indeed
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