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In an effort to keep my base neat and compact, I've been using smart/programmable splitters. These work fine, so long as the whole line is moving, but if something on the line backs up it can also prevent other, not overloaded materials from moving (current issue is with iron and steel ingots).

It would be awesome if there could be either a machine or a setting that would allow overflow to be automatically destroyed, instead of piling up on the conveyor.
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Its not good idea. Solution of this should't be magically destroying items on the belt, but rather splitter should send some kind of information for player that such and such splitter is blocked. Maybe player should have mobile terminal/tablet to see what is going wrong.
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No idea why this got down voted! I was actually thinking the same thing
I have an auto sorter for items that I throw from my inventory the keeps jamming whenever I throw too many of the same items. if I have reached a point where the storage of my personal items (not main factory storage) is full, I would want to destroy a full container of it to clear space up.
I dont mind doing so because I have too much of that item anyway
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