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I think I got it bugged, I found a yellow slug before a green one, and then I 'researched' the yellow slug before researching the green slug, and now I have a recipe for Power Shard (2), but I can't research green slug anymore, I do have 2 in my inventory when checking MAM
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Well research it then :P Does it solve your issue?
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Have you completed any milestones it unlocked in the hub?
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i agree, this isn't showing in the milestone for overclocking.
actually i was wondering that too, why can i do yellow powerslugs but not the green ones.
i gave up and i just was going on with it, then after doing the overclocking milestone i suddenly got it.

it should show there in the milestone.
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i lost  slug battery too, more than 50 from invenroty after last update   :(
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I have the same issue.
any fix ?
Its pretty annoying

Ich habe das selbe Problem.
Gibt es eine Lösung.
Ganz schön nervig.
Aber nichts was ihr nicht verbessern könnt :)

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After you research a slug in M.A.M. you then need to unlock the recipe in HUB. Depending on how many recipes are currently available you may need to scroll right when looking through the available research in HUB. The scroll bar is easy to overlook.
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this. thank you
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