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I find the fog in the north-west forest and desert area to be very annoying. So annoying that I have decided to quit the game until the fog is fixed.

ATM, the only enjoyable location to build is the southern glasslands where the lack of fog and clear skies are very easy on the eyes; a truly beautiful area. On the other hand, the fog is very hard on my eyes, it is not enjoyable IMO. It adds nothing positive to the game.

When I build I want to be able to see what I build. Alright, in a shooter game, fog can add to the difficulty etc, but in this game, I do not see why it exists.

Please put a option in the video options menu to turn off the FOG. I love this love but again, the fog is really ruining it for me.

I have tried to open the console to use the r.fog command, but I have a Japanese keyboard and even changing Windows to use the UK keyboard I can not open the console.


I finally managed to get the console by appending the following into the input.ini file.

ie. User\appdata\local\saved\config\windowsnoeditor\input.ini

HistoryBuffer=r.fog false

Then to open the console, press ctrl+shift+l, then F6. Have to do on every startup though.

WHAT a difference no fog makes in the north!
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Fog/smoke in any game is the most annyoing and dissapointing thing, it's like:
Player: buys a 4K monitor and $$$$ GPU
Game: let's add in wheather/events (sand)storm and fog, now you can look at a completly white/brown/grey screen in 4K
Player: ....
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this is not a proper solution.

Instead, there should be several options;
Min, Normal, Max, OFF
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Be careful, if you turn off the the fog, you also turn off the poison clouds and you may take damage and don't know from what.
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This is certainly a valid request.
Yes, you can funk around in settings and hex editors and consols, but as that isnt an option for ALL, Give fog settings in menu

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Since I know how to usw the dev console I ALWAYS turn the fog oft.it has no effect on fps.the only thing you can avoid with this(IMO) is to see stuff/textures are popping up/in on the screen.the idea with min /mid /max /off sounds good to me
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You don't need to touch or edit ini files or any of that nonsense. Just press: Control+Shift+L in-game then Tilde (`) opens console. Just type: r.fog 0 and press return.
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