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(My game save file is here): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iWa2O3q9UZa3YC35xzOJ8Vr0pGs2oXTM/view?usp=sharing

My friend can't interact with anything. When he takes an item it can't apear in his inventory.

A guy wanted to help me with a file editor and he said me this :

the game has like 25% of the player data it's supposed to have

each time it makes a new player entity

your save is probably fucked tbh =/

You could try making a bug report on main websiteincluding your save file for the devs to look at
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That was me. I said his save was fucked :( If any devs look at this save, the issue I believe is incomplete character properties each time that player loads, even after deleting the player entities in the save file. FactoryGame > Character > Player > BP_PlayerState > Persistent_Level:PersistentLevel.BP_PlayerState_C_3.
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I waas having this issue to but when my friend left his body was still in game just standing at the last location when he left. His player character is always here even when he leaves the game.  When he came back in he couldnt interact with anything. Ever time he picked something up it would dissapear or take extremely long to show up in his inventory. He couldn't even use his deconstructor. It took maybe 5 minutes after pressing f for the animation to play of him taking the deconstructor out.
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Silencer369 did you found a solution ?
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No I'm just guessing that's it's a corrupt file or the actually server doesn't know how to load him in if there is already a conflict in the game. It seems like it doesn't save the multiplayer information correctly.  Because it always says that there are two players in game even in private.
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