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When using the chainsaw to cut down trees, bushes, and/or other stuff the amount of collected things is not shown anymore (n wood, m leaves, etc.). Applies to other collectibles as well, e.g. resource nodes.

The collect messages reappear when restarting/reloading the game. But entering a vehicle hides them for good.
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there is a bug that causes those popups to stop showing, if you restart the game they come back if that is your issue
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Mostly it's connected with vehicles. Once you've driven one and got out, the collect messages dissapear.
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@RogePete: yeah, that is exactly what happens. Collect messages are no longer appearing after using a vehicle.
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Dying also reset this bug and makes collect message appear again.

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This could be because your inventory is full. When you inventory becomes full nothing is collected and the tree/plant you are cutting down is the only one that disappears.

If this is not the issue then you might have a legit bug on your hand.
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The inventory has lots of empty slots. Nonetheless no messages. Seems connected to entering a vehicle. See answer of RogePete.

Cutting down trees/leaves with the chainsaw has no effect anymore if the inventory is full (Experimental Build). That is trees and/or bushes are left standing if you cannot pick it up.
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