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It's almost like clockwork, whenever the manta gets within distance the game stutters and lags for a full second or two and performance nosedives. I want to believe that this is partially due to LOD loading and possibly the number audio channels getting spammed when it comes near.

The other thought is that it's annoyingly painful to watch it fly through buildings. It would be nice if there was some collision avoidance AI helping it to avoid players structures. The higher you build, the higher it flies to avoid those structures.

Another solution: Let me kill it and be rid of it for good.
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Are you against everything?
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I have these warnings too (experimental) but with splitters. So I think these are related to the work on progress with this game and its models.
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These errors: "AFGBuildableSubsystem" are related to the changes being made with encroachment on Experimental build and aren't related to the manta ray issue. They also aren't really an issue, most logfiles have errors like that if they're playing Experimental.
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With the way I'm building, its flight path crosses over my build everywhere and it's impossible to avoid when you start building up instead of hugging the ground. Currently I'm above its flight path with about a 1x1km footprint over the starting area. :P
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