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I'm calling the bug fix a game-breaking bug! While I don't like clipping in games, this games is full of clipping and floating stuff, and I honestly think that's okay! That's also why I fail to understand fixes like this!

I would love an option that disabled all placement constraints, except maybe placing under terrain, something that the games actually allows right now.

I'm more than capable of making a factory that looks nice without being blocked from placing objects with no good reason!

We have three types of walls with one, two or three ports for conveyor belts, yet we've only got one kind of stackable conveyor pole. Doesn't really make sense for the middle belt in this example, so an option without stairs that fits would of course be the best option.

That doesn't exist, but at least we were able to clip the poles next to each other. This is now fixed so streamlined belts aren't an option anymore, we now have to offset the poles, and that looks so much worse than clipping in this situation.

As you can see in my image, I've even placed conveyor poles beneath the lifts as I hate floating things, something this game allows... If anything, that's a bug you should fix!

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I would love to see a ladder-less version that fits close together,  though I know and understand that they have other things to focus on right now.

That's why I hope they'll simply roll back the bug fix they've made, so that the stackable conveyor pole can clip once again.

I hate clipping objects in general, but this kind of clipping is rather useful and to some extend even looks okay.
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I believe the issue that was patched was related to being able to build multiple stacking conveyor poles in the exact same location (clicking multiple times before the pole construction was complete). This wasn't a big issue on its own, but lead to some confusing disassembly/ troubleshooting.
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I'm with gopherthegold here.

I have had that happen to me on many ooccasions - it *is* a bit confusing when deconstructing.
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The bug that was "hopefully" fixed has to do with not being able to stack them vertically in certain situations, the bug only showed up in Experimental with the previous patch. I don't mind them removing the ability to place them side-by-side, I always thought that was an oversight that needed to be fixed as soon as I first saw it.
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gopherthegold is right... The bugfix actually did fix something important. I had forgotten all about that issue.

The new fix now allows you to place stackable poles close to each other while still blocking you from placing multiple stackable poles on the exact same spot.

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  • Stackable poles shouldn’t encroach each other anymore

 This issue should be Has been fixed as of Build 98994. 
Stackable poles act as you would expect again.

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