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currently the only enemy that can withstand a full clip of a rifle mk 1 is the adult fire breathers. this combined with near unlimited range and perfect accuracy makes the rifle far too powerful in my oppinon. if you are at range this can kill any hostile before they can react. i feel that it would be better if it went like this

it takes 10 bullets to kill a small fire shooter. (as it currently does in my experiance). you have either 5 in a clip or it takes signifigantly longer to fire again after each shot. it should also have a shorter range. i was able to kill something i could barely see. this should not be a sniper rifle.
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If you're gonna cripple it so hard, why even bother with it? if you feel like it's too powerful, don't use it. It's a gun ffs, it's suppose to kill stuff. That's what guns are designed to do. It's literally the only thing guns are designed to do. If they're not good for it, they're useless. By all means, if you feel like it's too powerful and it ruins your game, don't use it, but let everyone else enjoy their murder sticks for the murder weapons they are.

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The rifle is a mid-late game item and deservedly powerful for that reason. I'm hoping for nuclear power end-game to include a BFG9000, or orbital strike option. wink

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well if they add new enemies too... you have a point. i'll mark this as the answer
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