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I built my massive base in the North East corner of the map. Slightly recently all the nodes have been updated there e.g. removed or changed spot. A lot of them were pure nodes. So the update removed a lot of them from being pure 3 pure nodes next to each other to either only 1 node or spread a big distance from eachother. First of all this place isn't the easiest to get to so of course the nodes should be better but there is no point to them if its 1 pure node compared to like 3 normal nodes so there is no reason to build the anymore.

Also since you removed oil from directly being in desert it also less appetizing to be in the farthest corner of the map.
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I think the entire point was to make it less appealing.
Prior to the changes it was considered silly to start anywhere except for des because late game it was leagues better then anywhere else on map.   it would make sense for the devs to want to make the other 2 starts a little more appealing.
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Desert is at the far NW, not NE. I believe the OP is referring to a far distant NE corner that used to have a large cluster of oil nodes for no good reason. The Desert starting area still has to trek 2,000+ distance to get to oil. The Forest starting area on the other hand is where all the experienced players start since you just trek 900 distance at the start to the NW to be near the deep valley that has everything within less than 1,000 distance, including easy access to the far East side of the Desert starting area.
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