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We need better power management utilities.

Batteries would serve as accumulators, for storing energy but also giving power in peaks while taking it while there is more output than input. For example a small battery with 600 MJ and 10 MW output would be useful.

As assemblers need 15 MW and a single biomass reactor gives 20 MW, this would allow some leeway to run 2 constructors and one assembler, with the assembler not constantly running and taking energy from the battery.

This would also be very helpful when (if) solar energy is implemented, but even with the current sources batteries can be very useful to avoid fuses blowing up!

Maybe even putting switches... A power line that can be easily switched on or off.
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fun fact i found battery on a crash site but it use by the vehicle
and i have no problem of energy i have a large powerplan taht consume oil or fuel only when used but yes i think solar plan + energy savor for the night can be a good thing too

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Currently i'd advise running the assembler all the time but at a lower % rate - machines are exponentially more power efficient at lower speeds

but i'll give you a +1 for the batteries and pole switches anyway - its a different management style to keep things switching on an off rather than balancing the load, and who am I to arbitrate a methodology.
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A power grid map would be useful too.

Also some (resetable) statistics about all-time power peaks would be nice to avoid startup powerspikes.
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From what I can tell, the generators consume fuel proportional to the amount of power being drawn, so you can add more capacity without actually using all of that fuel. Currently, you can implement a "battery" by placing more generators than you can actually supply with a storage container to buffer your coal or fuel. Hope this helps. :)

Having worked for the org that manages the power grid in the Midwest, I can tell you this is much more realistic on the scale that the game uses than batteries are. The only real option we have for power storage is to pump water up a hill at surplus and let that water run generators at peak load. Its kind of cool but it takes up huge amounts of land. Battery tech is not a sustainable future. We're gonna have to find something better.

BTW, i think the devs want us to be upset about the smog we're pouring into this world. I'm interested to see what they put in the narrative about this. Do you think they'll have us destroy the world, or will the game represent a sped up evolution from leaves to nuclear and then beyond?

I love the idea of power switches! I hope they give us that.
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Tier 7-8 Nuclear power plants will be added, the whole power grids will be useless.
1 Nuclear power plant will produce 1GW of power.
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I agree with this request. To me, if we live in a time where we have space travel, we should have more advanced power technologies. The Coal, BioFuel, Oil/fuel thing kind of takes away from the future aspect of the game. We should have Batteries and Solar panels early in the game and then advance to Nuclear/Fusion/ what ever else kind of Futuristic power technologies we can think of. Not digger driving a Vehicle in that beautifully designed world, spewing black exhaust out into it.
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I agree.  Having batteries to offset power consumption spikes would be great. This could also lead to solar technologies.
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It is a Ficsyt philosophy "not to waste" but yes we have wasted power 98% of the time so this idea should be mandatory :)
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Actually you can use coal and fuel burners for that purpose ! The coal will pile up wen the load is lower and be used wenn the load is higher.
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Well it's true that when you add a plant or a miner to your grid and then all turn off because of the surge at the beginning really make me go insane but well since the only limit to your number of biomass burner, coal generator and fuel generator is the maximal input from your miner or yourself for biomass, just add one more, it's easier.

But still solar energy is interesting but would also mean that your maximal power would continuously wary through the day might not be very efficient.

I still like the idea of more green energy like a winf turbine though the problem might be the same as solar power.
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