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It sould be nice the storage container would have a mode or settings that they merge the storage container with the one on top.

Then you would also be able to let it have multiple inputs and outputs.
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The new industrial storage has a bit of this idear but the 2 in/out is quickly limitating.

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are you asking for multiplayer shared storage?  or for merging storage of multiple containers side-by-side to a single inventory interface, with single input/output conveyors?

-1 for the first, no vote either way for the second, as while I like the idea, by the time the tech tree advances far enough to need that kind of storage i'd assume we either have it, or we have other options with production speed and conveyor filtering / prioritizing etc.
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I'd disagree if you have a running train system and i imagin my train being quite long. You would need to store a large batch comming in, especially so when the train is comming from a far since you would have to do with this one batch untill the train makes another round.

Also edited the text to make it more clear, I hope at least
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ok, changing to -1 then as your train is emptied at conveyor limited speeds and you're after multiple input / outputs from your storage - you've got all that functionality with the separated containers currently - my comments earlier were regarding bulk storage of individual product types long term - if you're bringing in 200,000 iron ore - you aren't storing it you're processing it
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That is true, but you still need a buffer, you wont be processing 200K in one cylce/tick and it also load-balances when it pulls from 1 inventory.

Say if one line is standing still you dont have this storage fill up to the top for nothing and clogging up the system.
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'conveyor limited speeds'
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