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I'm not sure if this is a bug or a misunderstanding on my part but I'm not sure the overclocking percentages on power production building's are correct. E.g. A Coal Generator produces 50MW at the base 100% clockspeed, I would think if I insert two Power Shard's and increase the clockspeed to 200%, the Coal Generator will produce 100MW, but it only produces 85.2MW. I've found this is the case with other power production buildings too like the Fuel Generator. Is this a bug or does the clockspeed not directly correspond with MW output? Thanks
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I'm pretty sure this is a mistake.

What appears to have happened is the power production increase uses the same formula as the power usage increase when you overclock a manufacturing building.

This is in my opinion not what you'd expect.  When you overclock a power production building to 200%, I'd expect it to produce 100% more just like the manufacturing buildings.
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Would agree, but, check the building, see if it is actually operating at 200% efficiency.  It's possible it's not, and is using the energy required to run at the speed it is actually running at, and not what is overclocked.  

Such as, you have a mk1 that has max output of 90, you have it going into 3 assemblers, that all use 30 resources each per minute.  That uses up the 90 that it puts out.  However, then you add on the overclocking, and now it requires 60 per minute instead of 30, well, it's going to pull efficiency from the others, and slow itself down as well, and could, theoretically, without seeing the code and how they input it, bring down the cost of the energy demands as well, since the output can't pull enough to be 100% efficient across the board.

Just my opinion based on what I have seen, and since I have had to go and redo the whole network of manufacturing to get it back to 100%, too many times, and watched energy demands change as it went up, believe this to likely be the possible issue there.

Enjoy the game, it's popping on 5 of 6 cylinders as of the last patch!

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I actually think this is not a bug. Read this please:


Especially the part "Clock speed for power buildings"

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Thanks, yes that Gamepedia link does explain it. It definitely isn’t a bug. Interesting that the power usage to clockspeed ratio is polynomial (rather than linear) but I can think of good reasons why that is. Now back to playing Satisfactory, been loving it.
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