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We just got the new patch, and I can say, it's a damn sight better than previous releases, no crashes per se, however, we did find quite a few issues, some new, some repeat, that appear to have never been looked at, even though reported many times previously, hopefully being worked on soon.

Multiplayer issues: CL#98994

1. Got update notifications everytime logged in as secondary player, of the previous milestone.  Have already seen achievement for unlocking stone 3x.

2.  Equipped weapon is no longer equipped every time login/logout for secondary player.

3.  Still losing all saved icons/abilities on the taskbar, have to reprogram it every save load, sometimes, it will remember if I just log out/back in, or if I try to replace it, sometimes it remembers.  50/50 chance it will or won't.

4.  M.A.M. doesn't allow secondary player on multiplayer to initiate research after filling in any items unless you back out and reload M.A.M. again, it's greyed out.

5.  Trying to research green power slug on new game, now requires 10 crystal oscillators instead of a green slug in the M.A.M.  Figured out had to close M.A.M. to get it to reset items, it did not repopulate list on side, and was showing crystal update in green power slug slot.

6.  When selecting to add to build menu, when you right click to add anything, then select either 10x if shift held down, or 1x, it causes the menu to move to the left, forcing you to lose the ability to select additional items until after you reclick on the item to add it yet again.  I.E. adding 20 rotors, will only allow you to add 10 before the menu jumps from under your mouse, because it was forced to move by the system itself.

7.  After hours of playing, only the secondary player side appears to be getting a ton of issues with the game.  Reminiscent of prior issues, glitches in building foundations still happen, as previously reported, and other slow downs, such as lagging while running, etc.  This appears to likely be a massive memory leak for the joined second player vs the hosting players side, who does not have these issues, except a bout now and then of the lag.

8.  After about 8 hours of constant play, networking was dropped from host side, knocked secondary player out of game.  Rebooted full game, from desktop, unable to connect to host.  Host had to save, quit out of game, and rehost to get network to reconnect allowing second player in.  Was able to see host playing per the network, however, was not able to rejoin at all until reformed from scratch.

Hope this helps!
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The problem with this kind of posts is that People cant vote on the issues they also have, which results in this will keep having a low score... Which almost makes it almost invisible to us when we decide which bugs to work on.

Also by posting many issues as one, you bork the search functionality which is there to help you find previous posts on the same subject (that you can upvote to help us find the issue to fix it)

Please, separate this post as 8 separate ones (if that post does not already have the same issue submitted, in that case upvote that instead! [and possible comment on them to help make them better])
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