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Hello CSS

Since the start, i have already destroy and recreate a lot of buildings. And the more advanced i am, the bigger are the building. And when i need to erase, i've get lazy after 30 minutes, cause all removing is very annoying.

Here 2 idea  :

First is " Nobelisk" can destroy building, this can make players to make more nobelisk. I cant find a very good reason to have one in my factory, i dont need it so much, exept for exploring, but with 100, i think this is enough for destroying almost big rocks.

Second idea is a Destructo Gun.

 A special gun who can destroy buildings/factory with only one clic, or you can hold the clic and just move the cursor on the wall you want to destroy (insert a limit, cause it may cause lags imo) .
As you need to put in your hand and clic, it's secure for the player, he really can't make a big mistake,  and can really give us a significant amount of time for destruct buildings and all our old factory. And recreate a new one faster, and with better optimizations or just better architecture.

Kiss everyone exept Simon, cause we need to blame him for not making something he does not know about. ;)
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I agree with better deconstruction and building option. I was thinking something similar to scrap mechanic. There you choose single block and move mouse to increase size of the construction. Would be great such option.
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The problem here is that what you suggest still would break buildings one by one. And leaving a field full of boxes of materials. What is needed is something that destroys a box of things and put it all in one box ad your feed. Probably best done by placing 3 or 4 destrucktor markers, marking an area of volume in which you want to destroy all and then give an option on destroy all or destroy all but fundaments.
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I also met with this problem. I tried to make a multi-tiered farbrika and constantly rebuilt it. To remove the last base I had to sit for an hour and a half. It would be nice to use the nobelisk as a cleaner :) But on the other hand it would be more convenient to remove the buildings in batches of 10-15 units
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If we can destroy building with nobelisk, it could be great to be able to pick them up too.
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