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I know a lot of people will complain about this suggestion, BUT the manual crafting speed is so high that players might not feel the benefit from making more automated setups.

With having the manual crafting speed slower or at the same speed as a constructor/smelter, the player will feel more rewarded in the progress of automation!

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I might suggest a change to your title being "Manual crafting speed too fast" - late game you're definitley going to want automatic crafting, even if its slower, but I do agree its too fast / easy.

Also a duplicate of an earlier post.
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maybe slower at the beginning and faster with new tech at tier 4-5. because in lategame you will love your automation. the needed ressources are too many to craft manual.
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I like @SaturnWurm's idea: make the initial manual crafting much slower, then add the research to increase the workbench speed to 1-2 tiers, then add another workbench speed increase to the 3-4 tiers, which will make the manual crafting speed the same as it currently is.
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lol, i didn't read it as an idea to modify the manual bench - i read it as a statement that the automation is slower to begin with (than the manual process), but speeds up later in the game
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