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make them stackable to 5 as a QOL.

even though they are only used for early game it would be rather nice to stack them and you won't have to open inventory everytime you want to place a few.
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I tend to just throw them away if I need more inventory space because they are just so cheap to make. It's more convenient to carry around the items needed to make a few of them then it is to carry around two of those miners (enough for an Mk2 miner).
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well it's not the inventory space that concerns me or anything it's more of a convenience thing for the game

sorry for bad English it's not my native language
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Many it could be a cheap structure made made out of metal rods that's like 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 grid that you can open up and put portable miners in and then pull from all at once
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Oh NVM I thought you ment on resource nodes so you could pull from them as a group

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throw them in a  personal storage box and save them for the late game where you may need many for mark 2 miners and saves having to make em again
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not quite what i meant by it.

what i mean is early game opening inventory to place like 5 on a node (pre mk1 miners)
is kinda annoying and making them stackable in inventory to something like 3 or something would be nicer to handle,

or even make it so that when you place it it replaces the hand slot with another if you have it
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ah, I see what you mean, still isn't that part of the game? inventory management? also do you need that many?

Try getting enough resources only to skip until you have biomass power, and storage plus one miner on iron, copper and stone and skip running back on forth, best place if you dont like that idea is on the green startign area, head to the large waterfall that drops of the map and turn left untill you see four iron, two stone next to each other (near enough) and just past two copper
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