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I am labeling this as a bug but it’s more of just a limitation of the current LOD model.  when far away the trees degenerate into a set of 6 textures planes arranged in a star, this makes for good looking trees in the distance if you’re on the same level as them, however with vertical factories being a thing I’ve noticed when your above trees looking down they turn into these 6 flat planes and it’s a jarring 6 pointed star, the LOD model should have at least 1 plane looking up to have a roof of leaves to hide the other 6 from above, or maybe have the model morph based on viewing elevation so that when seen from above you are presented a canopy shape out of those 6 faces that smoothly goes back to the 6 flat ones viewed from the side.  it’s probably minor but when seen it looks like something from 2005ish or so rather than beautiful like most of this game so far.

here is a view showing what I'm talking about
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