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After playing around 6 hours on one save, all the animals from the areas I discovered so far vanished. No animal ever respawned or reappeared in these areas and even the massive flying animal vanished (i can still hear it at one specific spot but the model is not there). If I visit new areas, however, animals do spawn there. I tried leaving as far as possible and coming back, hoping the animals would maybe reset but nothing has changed.
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There is certain range from your buildings that make animals to not to spawn. You can 'abuse' it little and make all map in peaceful mode ;). Just build power lines everywhere. There is few areas without any animals . Also there isn't any loot.
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The thing is I enjoy the animals being in forests and fields and such. I think animals should not spawn only near certain buildings that are big and loud (miners, assemblers, conveyors,...) but if this is the case and the animals do not spawn in the forest because I am leading powerlines on the rocks above, I would like to see that changed. It is a bit disturbing and dull to have an area that was full of life before be completely silent and dead because of a line of 10 power lines.
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As far as remember they promised a much more animals in future updates, so i think animal behavior/spawning will change a lot.
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