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I use conveyor belts to transport crude oil to my factory, I think pipelines would be a better option if the were available.
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and would make more sense. My partner was watching me play and said "that seems like a very inefficient way to transport oil." He has a point.
Pipes would also feed into the whole farm/water talks going about on here.
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Duplicate of so many other threads
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Thank you for your constructive comments.

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the devs have already said that unless there is an actual gameplay difference then pipes are unlikely to be a feature, and by your post, it seems just visual thing, and take dev time away from creating new features (like trains, planes, and grains (farming)), if mod support is completed then its got a high chance of someone modding it into the game
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I'd  agree it's probably end up getting moded in
But at the same time it could be that pipes are more expensive but can transport more liquid the conveyor belt idk
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I mean the gameplay difference is posed by the pipes itself. Let alone a more logical and concise visual representation.
Managing pipes to maintain pressure so that the lquid actually flows in the direction you want it to flow install pumps to maintain the pressure which you can upgrade so that the maximum reach of pipes is extended there is so much you can do with this!!
If this is not enough have a look at what factorio does.
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Edregol, I like your reason and would make a good feature, They are adding heat sinks into the game I think, maybe running cold water pipes under machines would cool them if they have power shards overclocking them? that would make it more of a game-changing feature and make the idea of using power shards more complex, add more machines to create or add pipes to existing machines to overclock them? I don't think to overheat should break machines though, rather half the efficiency, so one power shard would be 1/4 increase output, This would make exploring more viable to overcome the damping effect slightly
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