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There have been quite a few times where I'd like to be able to set the clock speed of a building to exactly 33.3%, 66.6% 133.3%, etc. Although it might make the UI in the overclock menu a little busier, I think it'd be really nice to click a button or something that would automatically set the overclock percentage to those exact values.

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It's simple enough to type it in.
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I know that you are able to type in like 33%, but if you look at the output parts/min the number isn't exactly 1/3, it's 33%. So generally I put it at like 34% and then it'll just have to be idle for 0.67% of the time. It's not like it would massively improve the efficiency of a factory, but it would just be something that would be nice to see implemented.
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I agree, there have been a few times where I have wanted to type a decimal in the clockspeed too and it just rounds the number to the nearest whole number
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okay guys, call me dumb here... how do i enter the percentage? I just wanted to start a thread demanding the option to just enter a certain value instead of moving the bar... but reading your comments implies this option allready exists?
When i try to enter a certain value and pres <ENTER> to confirm, nothin happens and the value snaps back to 100% (or whatever it was before)
So just, pls tell me your secrets XD
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