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Ok first disclaimer due to you can see or hear my tone of voice I will reframe from any criticism even if it is meant as Positive Criticism. If anything has been suggested or the ideas is already in your road map I understand if you ignore the idea/suggestion. One last thing I am not good at programing more of a idea man, so if it’s too late in programing to change somethings ignore my idea on that area as well.

1. Equipment Slots, I Do like the tool equipment slot increase but this is based on equipment such as jetpack, gasmask, ectt. I do have an idea as well could leave it as one slot for the feel of challenge and towards opening the next mile stone could make a type of body armor, or body suite to place in slot that does all effects Gasmask, jetpack, radiation, auto heal something in that nature.


2. Lift/Elevator, I will try to reframe saying but the stairs are not my favorite and hope there is plains to touch it up, but basically if possible I sometimes like to build up and make tall buildings with floors so basically any way you could look or even think about a elevator or lift for character/Vehicle it would be appreciated.


3. Crash Sites, I mean is the crash pods that you can get the hard drives from, if at all possible or even idea to be able to disassemble/scrap the crashed scattered parts, the reason is cause I like to be able to have a cleaned up area, I do know there there are materials scattered around so If that is the issue I would suggest remove them and make them the scrap materials from that certain crash site.

Edit:  Forgot idea/or question.

I have noticed That is I use chainsaw on trees/bush near small rocks/boulders they get scraped and turn to lime in my bag, is there a plain for maybe a drill tool to remove them? 

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Regarding your second point:
You can use conveyor belts as an escalator quite nicely (and gain height quite quickly). And they kinda look like one if placed next to each other in bot directions.
Only thing is that you need a bit more space than with stairs.
As an edit: Lift would be nice nontheless ;)

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