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What about something small and handy like a gyro chopper.

Theres one in FarCry 5 that would suit the game really well, something like that is what I mean, not to overpowered or anything, just an explorer craft , unlockable really late in the tech tree.

Give it a cargo box as big, as many slots as the trucks and make it useful late game.

Make it the second or third tier weapon after the rifle.

Give it  a winch for light lifts of cargo, maybe give it the ability to lift one small cargo container or to be upgraded so it can lift a tractor out of a valley or the like.
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Propably it would kill the game on lower tiers, but  It would be fine if it was implemented on the last  ( in future) tier though.
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Aircraft would nerf the game too much.  Enjoy the jetpack and ground vehicles.

Now a limited range surveillance drone that you could use to scope out (but not interact with) the tops of pillars or inside poison caves / ravines would be a fun little toy.
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Something similar to the build drone in Empyrion would be extremely helpful
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Yea the Empyrion drone is OK, but it would be nice to have a drone thats not at touchy to control as the Empyrion one.

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It was requested a lot, but they did make a car


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If you really want this feature search and upvote similar post so devs and see them, if you want to expand on their concepts the add either a comment or answer..
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