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1.every time when i try to load a game my inventory is empty and i' spawned as a new character.    

Sry guys but it  make my fucking angry .  Why ?  

2. Sometimes after loading a save i'm in the air and falling from the sky (inventory is still empty). 

3. Once i save a game while in the car.  After loading i'm spawned as a new character.  I find my old char but hes in the car  and   ?  I cant kill it because he's in the car.  

Is it such a big problem to do the correct saving of the game state   ?

After last  update is going much worse .   

The game saved "on the ground"  ->>> loading --->  falling from the sky (empty inventory)
saved 1 000 m from the main base ---->  loading ---->  i'm 300 m from the base 

Anyone know the solution  ?  
It will be fixed or not ? 
Its beta i know. I dont care about any bugs but 
its just a save game .  This thing  should be working from the start.

To be honest.  I bought two copies of the game for me and my brother and i really love Satisfactory.  

I appreciate your work guys  but please do something

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Sounds like you're playing offline.
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it's not .   Game is launching through Epic games launcher and its online.  
I'm 100% sure .  

it's frustrating u know.   All the time when u log in and ur inventory is empty.   


even if some day i wish to play offline so what ?   The game put me into a new character all the time just because there is no save game that can save my progress ?  

Whats happening if someone wish to play totally offline like a campaign.   They are forced to play with new character every time ?  it's ridiculous guys.

Every game in the world except MMO have save game progress.

BTW try to play Witcher 3 without save game or any other game. Doesn't matter offline or online.  

Back to the topic - The game and the launcher is 100% running in online mode.

BTW they are many topics in the forum with exactly the same problem .
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And most of those topics are solved by playing online. Why don't you upload your save file and I'll have a look for you, bud?
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