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I would like to be able to add logic to the splitters when the conveyor is full. {Allways, never, full} and go to another conveyor belt.


If i select fuel in right and all in left, why doesn't going fuel to left when right is full or allways?

See screenshot:


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Like what? Would you explain more?
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I assume like this:

I have constructors supplying copper wire, and they split into three belts, one feeding Cable Factory A, one feeding Cable Factory B, and the other feeding Beacon Factory.

During normal operation, Feed Cable factory A and Beacon Factory.

If Cable Factory A can no longer accept wire, feed Cable Factory B and Beacon Factory.

If Beacon Factory can no longer accept wire, feed Cable Factory A, Cable Factory B.

Never feed all 3 factories.

If Only one Factory can accept wire, send excess to storage.

Personally, I don't know how useful such a system could be. It my save real estate, or simplify logistics a bit.
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I try to explain more the question. Thanks

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If i select fuel in right and all in left, why doesn't going fuel to left when right is full or allways?

The reason why that happens is because you have multiple items on the same conveyor, like ABABABAB, and when A is full B can't go because other As will be in the way. It's not a bug that's the downside of those splitters.

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I have not said that it is a error, it would be an improvement that I would like to see. Operation with overflow
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