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I've spent a lot of time reconnecting power sources to power cables and poles after overloading a power source. Would be nice to have a function that simply allows you to disconnect a power cable to re-arrange your many efficient automators instead of completely deconstructing it and having to search out those pesky 4 connections again!
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i don't know if this will help you or not but what you can do is connect all your power generators to 1 line (you might need to make multiple power poles and step them down) then when you need more power just add a generator to the start line. example i have 4 coal generators at the moment and they all connect to 2 poles which connects to 1 pole that powers my whole factory. this means instead of having 4x50MW i have 1x200MW. makes it easier i find

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You can just disassemble the powerline (the cable). Just fress 'F' (Standard) and dismantle the cable. No need to dismantle the Pole!

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I suggest to go read this:


Still, @dominating_falcon makes a valid point. A very efficient way to major power is to:

1- Group your main power generators. I suggest on the roof top level of your factory or some other building; I use an old truck station third floor for that.

2- Place your generators so their inputs face each other and link them with splitters and, as your power demand rises, add more generatorsto the same fuel (or coal or whatever) bus line and so on.

3- Make this place a power station. Placing your generators as in point 2, their connection terminals will face outwards. Build a catwalk (foundations on around and out, with fenced catwalks  outside all around for added safety). Put a power pole to the nearest point next to each generator terminal on the catwalk made of foundations (made a wall 5 sections high then added foundations out all around the top walls). Now these poles, you'll have one by generator, a Mk1 pole, you use one connection for the gen terminal, one to link to the next gen, one for the previous (except for the first and last gens) and one to link the distribution pole (point 4). this way, all your gens will be linked together. Then you make a line run all around your firsts and lasts gens, in a big loop.

4- Connect another, I recommend Mk2, at the exterior outer limit of the catwalk foundation, in line with the first pole. This second pole, you use for distribution purposes and is reachable from the floor.

In other words, your gens are linked by a fuel bus, on the outside catwalk, all around, they're linked together in a loop then you build an external distribution Mk2 array of outputs.

Fun thing with this design: - You can always add more generators without impact to your factory since it's separate and specialized, high and, hopefully, oriented so you can add more and more (I have 8, planning to go to 12 coal, also found oil so, did the same locally with fuel gens, 2 for now) you just have to remove the final cable link between your 2 last gens and expand. - You can't really run out of connections AND these connections are "all around" your station (refrain from putting in the expansion end or... yeah, reconnection headache). - Being high in the air means reachable directly however how high or how many levels your factory has...

Looks like a power spider web. I call it a Satisfactory electrical grid.


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