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With friend we are making PVP Survival game, but the problem is we can see each other player on the compass, and other player base on it too, do we have a option to hide them?

Thanks ^^

(Sorry for my bad English, its not my main language)
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Ha Ha, I don't play PvP games, but thought exactly the same thing that this world would be brilliant for it. And racing games, orienteering etc.
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Exactly! This game is so awesome, you can make so much thing on it, playing the factory game, or make game in the game! (I am making some cars parcour with friends with ramps, and lots of more and its very funny to make tricky circuit) And yes I think I will wait mod =)

Orienteering is a great idea!!! I will pick up for another game with friend =3

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The game is not PVP but coop!!!!

And no, there is no option to hide any thing on compass.
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I know, but we (me and my friend) love PvP and we love Satisfactory, so we make PvP on Satisfactory and it’s really playable the only problem is the localisation of other player and player structure.

And a coop game can be play in PvP, it’s only with friends who like PvP so no one have problem with this kind of game ^^
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Devs don't plan to make PVP in this game so you only chance is wait for mods after full release .
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I know, but it’s can but usable for person who want to reduce the hub? Like the option to hiding some part of it?
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lol not the right game, but if your really want this feature wait for mod support
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I think I will wait for mods ^^
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