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Have tried Chainsaw directly, and indirectly though cutting the plants around it and have also tried to blow it up with nobilisks... many of em.


Please can we destroy these trees! just one in the way ahaha
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There's a bunch of things we can't break/destroy. I'm not sure if they'll ever add the function to break everything. Have you tried the Nobelisk?
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Yeah, like tbf i don't mind the trees so much, they look cool, if not abit weird aha
I have tried to blow it up with nobelisks... many of em.
Actually recorded me trying to do it, threw around 30 or so Nobelisks, around 10 on the base and the rest on the egg looking bit at the top of the tree...
Unfortunetlly still nothing :/

Does make me wonder... they almost look like they could actually be egg sacks... like maybe how the 'skywhale' thing reproduces... by growing it's offspring?
If only we could hatch em, and train it to fly the path we want? air travel like that would be awesome, but the current skywhales just fly round in circles really :(
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I think adding air travel would be overkill to the exploring element. But I like where you're going with the Manta eggs thing. The first time I saw one I thought it would explode into creatures like the little crab-fly bug things. I hate them.
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Yeah exploration should be a big part tbf, SO it'd have to be an end game thing... maybe you'd have to explore really awkward and far away points to get the things required to hatch them... that way you have to actually expiernce exploring before you can fly and then maybe limits on how many can be used station to station only travel that way they can't just be used to fly anywhere without you building there first.
There's plenty of options for balance tbf

But yeah i dunno... just reminds me of something from the movies ya know... i get the same feeling like it's just gunna burst into a million little insect like things aha thats what gave me the idea originally xD
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Kinda like the balance with the jetpack. Gave us one but limited the duration of use, I liked that. Really dislike OP stuff, feels like there's no point then.

End game: Hatch loads of Mantas and take over the world!
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