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I cleared a path with Nobelisk through some cracked rocks. However after loading my last save they reappeared. I think it is not supposed to be like this.

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Your post is very uninformative, and won't help the game developers to fix the issue.

Where are these rocks?  Co-ordinates would be nice (you can use satisfactorymap.com to load your save game when stood there, to see your player co-ords).

If you can't provide co-ordinates, a description of the location, with screenshots would be better than nothing.

Also, do the same rocks re-appear every time you load the game, or is it more random?  

When making a bug report, always try to provide as much detail as you can.
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I've got the exact same bug. The regular rocks don't reappear, but the big cracked ones do. Most of those big cracked rocks are found in spots where they are blocking access to another region of the map, or blocking a resource node. Right now, I've got a miner which is surrounded by theses big rocks. It's actually somewhat funny in a way, but really odd. There's plenty of Youtube videos showing this bug out there.
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there are 4 coal nodes next to a lake. https://i.imgur.com/G306TtR.png
one of them has a cracked rock on it and it keeps coming back every time i re-enter the game after having destroyed the rock and saved.
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Got that problem too, very annoying when it blocks passages.

The natural road at the very south of the map (between the green field spawn point and the "coral lake") get obstruct again at each restart which block the road for my trucks.
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