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My friend joins my hosted world and crashes when he joins. The first crash happened when he was in his truck. He said is game froze then crashed. After that he tried to join but crashes. This is really annoying because we can no longer play in this world until this bug/crash is fixed or there is a solution to this problem.

Thank you.
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Same thing here, we've tried everything and nothing...
Our map is like 17-18Mb,
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Same for me.  Trying to join an online game with a friend.  No problems until last update:

Assertion failed: pawn [File:C:\Jenkins\workspace\I_BuildVersion-staging\FactoryGame\Source\FactoryGame\Private\FGHUD.cpp] [Line: 204] Trying to add a HUD without a valid pawn
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Same for me too, i get the exact line. I crashed after i drove a truck in to a tree and now i cannot join my friends server anymore.
Assertion failed: pawn [File:C:\Jenkins\workspace\I_BuildVersion-staging\FactoryGame\Source\FactoryGame\Private\FGHUD.cpp] [Line: 204] Trying to add a HUD without a valid pawn
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We had to reload an older Version of the map.

My Friend (host) went ahead and let the render. Then i followed. At least i think that might be the solution since it only crashed a soon as I tried to go to the changed Oil fields. Now its running perfectly fine again.

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This should be fixed with the update that just went up!
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Had same problem, resolved it by sending game save to friend that crashed, let him load it, then i joined his session. Then he created save and sent it back to me and we could continue playing. Hope this helps someone
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I had the same issue, friend gave me save file, but i still crash when he hosts new one saved by me. We tried to think what was different since last time i was near base before i went in expedition, and it was custom palette in colour gun, my friend deleted all objects he painted and then i could enter without crash.

Looks like custom palettes don't sync with the clients or glitch out, the same as overclocking and power poles graph.

up. I crashed in explorer like this guy, but exiting and saving want help https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/20474/friend-were-playing-crashed-game-explorer-now-cant-join-game

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