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I would like to be able to, for example, build a conveyor lift, then from it's exit build a straight and leveled conveyor belt just by dragging it and then snap another conveyor lift and get down again.

Also would work for storage exits: you should be able to drag a conveyor belt from it's exit, straight without dropping to the ground, and then snapping a conveyor lift to it's end.
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Yeah, I've been finding out that this is quite the pain when working with conveyor lifts. I didn't have that problem before because I would always have a conveyor stackable pole somewhere near. With conveyor lifts, I can often dispense with the conveyor pole, but it turns out that quite often, I end up having to build some kind of temporary support structure while I build. The end result is that there really isn't all that much time saving in using conveyor lifts take care of getting things up and down my factory. The biggest saving is in terms of the amount of space used, and even then,  those old conveyor lifts I built before this patch do have their charm. I'm tempted to keep building them in some cases and I probably will.
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ive noticed that the conveyor lifts also have a problem in that only the bottom half connects to whatever, so if i want to drag it down, the top still has to be clear to make the first click.
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