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Like topic says, a device, an upgrade maybe, for tractor, to attach a device at front, for clearing trees, wood n leaves fall into its inventory box until there all full, audio warning containers are full, what a handy thing that would be for early game.

Another upgrade that would be really cool on this feature, would be to give it the ability to be sent out on its own to collect wood and leaves, harvests until full, returns to base and parks at truck bay.

That could be an upgrade for late game to keep the biomass side of the game active and interesting.

Another good fun upgrade for late game would be to make the tractor upgradable so it can have a small biomass factory onboard so it can convert trees and leaves to biomass and biofuel, what it effectively becomes then is a self fueling system great for late game, when all slots in container are full of processed biofuel, tractor returns to truck bay and parks.

Sound like a fun feature ?

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this seems like a fun and interesting feature, but it would become part useless when reaching Tier 5-6 since you get better fuel generator than the biomass carburator, but it would still be useful to collect flowers & mushroom and make tissue with it smileyyes

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i wouldn't mind having my tractor early game go automatically harvest all the leaves and trees nearby, but would also be fine with driving it around.

late game the fuel generators also burn biofuel, so alot of my access biofuel goes there, if my chainsaw didn't require biofuel i would probably no longer make or care about it late game...
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