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Game instant crash at launching when you left it when you were in a vehicle in multiplayer, I m not the host and another friend without host have the same crash with another vehicle (tractor,buggy)

I do not know if the host is affected in the same configuration.

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Had this happen to one person, and then to a second person 5 minutes later while they were trying to destroy the first person's explorer to see if it would help.

Now none of us can play on our server because the autosaves don't go back far enough :(
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It should be good if we can craft something like the Tactical Insertion of CoD, something we can turne ON/OFF.

Or, on the menu we can choose before login the map, to spawn at our last location or at the HUB.

Or just find the way to spawn next to the vehicle.
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The game should definitely kick you out of the vehicle and put you alongside it, that way not only would you not crash on rejoin, other players could still use the vehicle while you're disconnected!

I saw something on another thread about sending the save file to the person who's crashing, letting them load it up and get out of the vehicle before they send it back to the host. I'll give this a try when I'm on later and see what happens, fingers crossed!
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