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Why is the Iron Plate and the Iron rod never fill up iron ingots on constructor?

So, this is whats happening:

Miner mk1 -> Smelter -> Constructor -> Iron Plate

Miner Mk1 -> Smelter ->  Contructor -> Iron Rod

All using the the basic convoyer belt;

Distances very close between them.

The constructor building Iron Plates always get full of Iron ingots.

The constructor building Iron rods, never gets filled with iron ingots.

The timings on both chain are equal.

What am I missing here? Bug? Unbalanced timings bug? What?


Link to save file:


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No, splitters, nothing, the 2 chains are exactly like I mentioned, pretty basic.
I already noticed this in many games even before experimental.
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This is very odd behavior. Though even after loading your save up I cannot see what you are talking about. It seems to work fine. The Rods only require 15 of the 30 ingots that are being sent to the constructor for them and so it's getting backed up with ingots. The Plates are not backing up. I rebuilt it in Satisgraphtory https://satisgraphtory.com/#eGxxZzY%3D before I loaded your game to make sure and it looks identical to your setup.
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Ok, I guess what is happening here is my limitation in English. It is not my main language.

So, I will try to explain better.

Both Chains (Rods & plates) have equal numbers in stats from ingots consumption, to outputs.

Both chains are using the same thing.
The rods consumption of ingots are getting backed, so the constructor always have 100 ingots in it.

Not the plates! The plates do not backup. While in terms of efficiency both are at 100%, my question is, why is it consumption of ingots backing up on the rods but NOT on the plates since the stats are the same for both products and production?

This is what I find weird. I do not understand why one is backing up and the other is not, since both chains have the same times in production, consumption of ingots, in/out, etc.
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Ok, I got it!


I totally forgot that the plates consume 2 ingots and the rods 1 ingot. That is what is happening.

I was thinking they had all the same stats. They dont.

I am amazed that I can make a stupid noob mistake like this. lol

Sorry guys, and thank you so much for putting up with me.
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Easy to overlook things like that. I do it from time to time myself.

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Probably something with your belt configuration. There could be multiple different things causing the problem, all of them not bugs. Perhaps share your save file so I can look at it and pinpoint your problem for you? I can also be reached on the official Discord, @Grams Bruh#8865.
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Cannot get you on discord, in any case I left a link in the original question.

I am at a loss here, I cannot understand why 2 products with the same timings, get different speed at eating ingots.
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Can confirm what the above user said, one machine is using 30 ingots per minute and the other machine is only using 15 ingots per minute, which is why you're seeing a backup of ingots in one machine.
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Yes, I am a idiot.
I totally forgot the plates consumes 2 ingots and rods only 1.

What a noob mistake from someone that already plays this for over 3 months....

Im going now to find a deep hole and kill myself.
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We all make mistakes bud :)
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