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Hey guys,

I'm host of a server for a buddy and myself - he was using the Explorer to get around, and crashed upon colliding with a power pole, while also on a set of Mark 4 belts. Whenever he tries to load up the game, he instantly crashes. Both him and I have tried restarting our applications multiple times to no avail - he's softlocked out of the game file for now. Has anyone had this issue/have any ideas?
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i had same problem it seams to also happen when just logging off it it too
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Hello, i have serious issues with my explorer aswell, im a player 2 on my friends server and as i drive away from out main area it kicks me from the game, resulting in going back a few saves. hopefully soon there will be a fix?!?!?!
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Same problem here, friend was using the Explorer, first vanished then crashed out of the game. Now the player cant connect after multiple tries, they are still seated in the vehicle that i discovered had fallen into the cave under the large arch in the grasslands area.

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We had the same problem. Tried to explode the explorer, but this didn't work.

I sent him the save file, he started in singleplayer and left the explorer. He sent me the file back and after  I started he was able to connect as usual. Not the easiest way to resolve this, but for us it worked and was a lot faster than starting a new game.

Hope this helps for you too.
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