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I oftentimes take the truck with me for construction projects and the sement is usualy in the bottom half of my inventory. This causes place all to fail as that uses the top-left-item as the start of the queue. I would save quite a bit of time if one for example could control click one stack of sement and by doing so, moving all items of the same type to the other container.

Similarily a keybinding to overide the default shift-click to fill vehicle fuel. for example the color flowers tend to land in the fuel tank when I shift move it to a vehicle, forcing me to visualy move the item with the mouse. there should be a keykombo to override this setting. Suggest shift-control-click, and yes I am an emacs user :P (please dont hold that against me oh great patrons of vim).

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You *can* do almost precisely what you describe.

Not "Control-click" on an item, but "Control-drag" an item and all its friends will come too
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I use control drag a heck of a lot and I'm finding that it can be really finicky at times. I too want a simple keybind for this.
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i think ctrl-click would be a better fit as well, dragging is not intuitive imo.
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