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You recently added the possibility of searching for Crash Sites with the Object Scanner. Minor tweek I'd like to see: the Object Scanner pinpoints Hard Drives, in other words: Crash Sites not yet explored and where a HD can still be extracted. Other Crash Sites get ignored.
This way, when you find the HD at a Crash Site, the Object Scanner will point to the next nearest Crash Site instead of still pointing the one you're at.
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YES yes yes !

I been searching for this question well done for asking it !

Annoying taking 30 minutes to get to an awkward location only to find you were there two days ago.......
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this would also be great for everything else it scans for, if i picked the nut, berry, whatever, i don't need to come back until it regrows... they do regrow right????
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@Philip017, not that I know of.
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I do not think so. I know the nuts do not grow, I have one in the middle of my factory lol.
But all the fruits should regrow with time, maybe like in 2 hours or more of game time.

As for the OP sugestion, hell yes, scan for hardrives not crash sites.
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