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Tab opening/closing the inventory is nice, but then I expect it to act like escape for any other UI window.
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I double this, i keep pressing the Inventory button to close machinery/storage windows (which you open with the Use button). Would be a very handy feature to have, pls.
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I had this very thought at the crafting bench, I realised pressing the Use key again closed the window. For some reason it didn't occur to me to try, as Tab works for other similar games.

I'm used to how the Tab, E, and Q interact after an hour or so, but it'd be cool to see more flexibility in the UI around Tab (or a custom button ideally)
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I was just about to create a new suggestion for this very thing, but then I found this one, so I added my vote!

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Apparently the E (Use) key does close every type of window (inventory, interact, or build)!

Still, it seems this could apply to the other ways of opening windows without any issue to reduce overall confusion.
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The key for the build menu (Q) does this instead. I reckon it was 50/50 whether they picked Q or Tab, but I personally prefer Q.
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Each button only closes the same windows it opens - Q closes the build menu, since it opened it in the first place.

E actually does close all of the windows - inventory, interact, or build..

I'm surprised I haven't noticed that before!
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