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We need some UI where complete collection of bluprins are listed. After remowing ablility to create items using alternate bluprints from the craft bench it is real hell to remember what I currently opened from hard disks.
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hover over an item in inventory to see recipes to craft it. both regular and alts
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Bad idea to have all types of items and hover them one by one.
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Try the 'search' function
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Use the link below, it's exactly what you're asking for. You can change the item you want, but below is the super computer and everything it needs while using a chart to help with item flow.

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Availability of outside tools do not forgive game design. They are nice for planning, but what about times when you don't have access to the internet?

The game has a message storage option that is displayed in the bottom left shortcut toolbar, called the Codex.
It would make sense for all recipes, including alternate ones, to be listed here in a single location. Even better if it lists what machines produce make the recipe, and the machine's intake/output rates at 100% clockspeed.

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Build 1 type of machine at your hub, no belts attached, and connect them to power. This way you can easy check all blueprints, and even use them to craft things while you go out for the hunt.
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