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The background music is pretty cool, but I think that we should have new musics for different situations. For example when we are fighting the music should change and become more epic. Or when we are in a special place, a cave, a desert, the music could change just a bit. This is just a suggestion, but I think that this little change would make the gameplay quality much better.
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i agree with you 100%

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Yea, more music!

I like the trailer music, that one should be included in the main menu.
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More music soundtrack is MUST HAVE for this game. At least 6-10 or more new soundtracks (i prefer ambient) is needed, because this is not game for 10 or 30 hours but much, much more.

There is also no need to play backroground soundtracks all the time in the loop, imho it should be paused from time to time.

ps. "For example when we are fighting the music should change and become more epic."  - in this case, i dont agree with you. Its good like it is right now.

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