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I use foundation blocks to layout everything for my actual building plans. The grid feature it provides is essential to my building of a pleasing layout. However would it be possible to scale most assembly/creation type buildings more tightly based on foundation blocks as your measurement size? A great example is the starting Smelter which is essentially one foundation block long and wide fitting nicely inside the grating. Largely objects will naturally take more space but having them snap to 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, or even two full blocks width or length, etc.. would be awesome!

As for snap point for foundations themselves, it would be nice if they could also snap to other objects that snap to them. This is especially the case with stairs and walkways. An example would be building from the top of something down using nothing but stairs in a stairwell configuration. Another example is building walkways. You need a foundation to start but at the end the foundation cannot snap to your final catwalk piece if you're building platforms or bridges.
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