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EDIT: More info in comments.

Currently the requirements for Space Elevator Delivery 2 are too much. I assume It's an intentional wall to create extra playtime in the early access phase, but I sincerely hope it is better balanced at final release. It can be solved by just reducing the requirement for the delivery, bit I think adjustments to the Assembler and especially the Modular Frame recipe would be better.

Currently, it would take 4 builders each for Steel Plates and Screws leading to 3 Assemblers creating 15 Reinforced Plates/min (no remainder parts) leading to another Assembler creating 4 Modular frames a minute (remainder of 3 R.P.). In other words, it would take 2 ore miners digging 120 ore/min [5/12MW each] leading to 8 Smelters[4MW], to 12 builders[4MW], to 4 Assemblers [15MW] for 4 M.F.[150/164MW(!)] a minute. In other words, to get the necessary 500 parts just for the elevator drop you have to either wait 13 hours(!) (EDIT: crap, 2.08 hrs) for that setup to finish after completing it, dedicate a good majority of the iron around you to M.F. production... or just do what I did at around the 20 hr mark. I caved after I realized it'd be MUCH faster to just hand craft the parts from what I already had, got it done in 20 minutes after that realization (P.S. DON'T NERF HANDCRAFTING for that reason alone. Sometimes it's fun to make huge sprawling factories of the same item over and over, but sometimes I just want to move on and see what's next to build... especially when new tiers could mean remodeling for efficiency)

TL;DR, Assemblers should be faster maybe and possibly use less power, but the Modular Frame recipe should DEFINITELY be redone.     (Sidenote: probably mentioned a bunch, but difficulty levels/sliders that raise/lower Tier/Building requirements should probably be a thing. That way people can create quick games to power through tiers, or long games to create massive factories that still serve a purpose...Heck, if you go that route, make sliders for resource requirements, handcrafting, damage, and a bunch of other crap, and then difficulty levels that set them to "default" values. Everyone's happy!)

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Your math is wrong: 500 / 4 / 60 = 2.08 hours. Also, if you are making 15 R.P., you can make 10 M.F. making the wait time 50 minutes.
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Crap, you're right about my math (I went full tard and divided 500 by 40, or 10 minutes worth instead of an hour. Derp). BUT, I'm not sure how you get 10 M.F. out of 15 R.P. The assembler eats 12 R.P/min to make 4 M.F/min. That's why I broke it down the way I did, that's the MIMIMUM amount necessary to be able to keep up with the demand (R.P. is assembled at 5/min, thus needing 3 assemblers worth to make the 12 R.P. necessary with 3 left over)

EDIT: I should also mention, I forgot to factor in the 24 Iron Rods/min (2 builders at 15/min, 6 left over) needed in the M.F. assembler. Since both R.P. and Iron Rods use 4/5ths of their parts by default, you can toss a Power Shard in the M.F. assembler and crank it up to 125% for 5 parts/min at the cost of increasing MW to 21.4, reducing the wait time to 1.67hrs.

Total Requirement:
2 Ore Mines digging at a rate of 120 ore/min (5/12 MW each, depending on if normal or pure. Impure makes things more difficult...)
8 Smelters (4MW)
14 Builders (4MW)
4 Assemblers & 1 Power Shard (15/21.4MW)

Total:30 Ore & 5 Modular Frames/min (164.4/178.4MW)

I should point out, all of this isn't TOO unreasonable (after realizing how hard I messed up on required hours) for a game about building efficient factories, and I probably sound like a nitpicking doofus. I'm mostly pointing out how this particular recipe will probably be the thing that stops casual players from digging further into the tree... which is a concern for me, because I don't have the kind of friends that get excited about making efficient factories. Obviously, making the game "more casual" would be upsetting to, well, everyone excited enough to buy this game in early access (and especially the ones excited enough to actively participate in a Q/A forum like this), which is where my slider idea came into play. Not saying it's urgent, but should probably be in the final product.
As far as the recipe itself, I just really wanted to point it out because it seems like not only the biggest resource wall when you reach it, but it's required for a bunch of stuff. I was dreading what I had to make out of it while I was making it, dreading the need for multiple  M.F. factories (and the R.P. needed for not only that, but the rest of my stuff) after spending 1-3 hours making, then remaking my first one (settled on remodeling the rest of my factory while that did it's work),  dreading the next tier, and dreading doing all this all over again when Satisfactory goes 1.0 and I start a new world from scratch... though that subsided a bit while I was messing around with my "tower" factories with the new conveyor lifts and messing with oil trucks.

Typed more than I though I would again, crap.
TL;DR My logic was slightly flawed in my first post, but I still want to point out a potential need for a re-balance, depending on how many Tiers are in the final product/how many things need Modular Frames... though I will admit I'm possibly being Chicken Little right now.
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Another thought: "Quick Handcrafting" should be a game option in the final product. This way the casual players can quick craft and stroll through the game while the hardcore ones can be forced to craft slower than builders/assemblers. Should probably make this it's own question... but eh, it's probably already been brought up.

EDIT: Did it anyways.
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