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I was so excited to try out the U-Jelly pad, then too annoyed with it to actually use it after trying it. Please reduce the slowdown when swimming/falling into the jelly. Personally, I think it'd be more fun if you bounced off of it... but at least make the slowdown kick in towards the bottom of the jelly while falling into it instead of near the top.
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i found it insufficient to slow me down with out hurting me, imo it should save me from injury even at terminal velocity.
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Hm, I've only tried it from a small cliff and a lookout tower now that you mention it. Agreed about the terminal velocity thing. We need new jelly!
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They are just way too big for my use. I ended up just forgoing them completly and instead making my floors just under the maximum fall damage height so that I can just let myself fall from one floor to the next without ever having to worry about taking damage.

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Yes, indeed, the slowdown is very strong. Let's hope it fixes :)

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