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In the Hub there is an area with many PCs where you can do nothing yet. It would make sense to manage all the factories there. You have for example a map on which you can see all machines, power supplies, splitters, storage etc. and sort it accordingly. Via the dashboard you can control everything you had to control on every machine until now. e.g. overclock, what it should produce, how fast etc. There should also be a better management for the power so you can deactivate single masts. And you should also be able to adjust the splitters. There are a lot of features you could add there. Simply that you can manage everything centrally.
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Implement these features with corresponding tier upgrades and it could be a very useful feature. If we ever end up having a circuit network it could be part of that as well.
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Or make a separate building for that. And place it under the "Special" tab. We got only two buildings there now.
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