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If you have a constructor that is expecting an item A and you give it item B - item B clogs the constructor and stops it from receiving anything further.

This is best explained with an example:

If you put flowers on a conveyor belt to a constructor that is accepting leaves as its input, it gets stuck inside of the constructor and blocks leaves from being consumed. The work around is to deconstruct the conveyor belt and it removes all objects from the belt including the stuck box of flowers.

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This is correct and not a bug.  You have to manage your factory so that only the correct items are fed into the machine.
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but, i can't remove the wrong component from the conveyer without destroy then
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That is correct.
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Bomoque understands what I am getting at. I am just saying that there isn't a way to get the items out without deconstruction. In Factorio I simply remove the item from the queue - no destruction required. Now when you say this is the intended behavior, are you saying this as a developer of the game or just your opinion?
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