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I love this game alot but some things are a bit exhausting, so I have some feature suggestions, mostly about belts!

  • When you make a long belt it's kind of annoying to find the exact tile where it's not too long.
    I would either like to see a marker on the hologram where it's too long, or have it automatically place poles down when you make a super long belt!

  • Also I would love to see some kind of statistic how many items are currently transported on a belt, so you can quickly see if it uses a full belt, or too less. Maybe also a way to see how much items are stuck? Just things so you can optimize more easily.

  • Also it would be great to be able to toggle directions of a belt that's not connected to anything yet.
  • I would like to see more consistency with structures snapping to a grid. When you place down a splitter/merger it snaps, but if you place it on a belt it's free floating. When you place down a powerpole it snaps but if you create a new conntection they don't. I would like to always have access to both modes (snap on default, free floating while holding ctrl for example) with everything you build.
  • be able to mark a direction and a global grid. it's always alot of ugly work to grid align a far away source with your base. You have to build a long bridge or connection of some kind, that most of the time you have to remove later on again when you need the space to build something else.
  • please make it so I can add a pole inbetween a powerline, similar to how you can add a splitter to a belt.
  • make the facing of walls more consistent or give a clear indication which side is facing you. I always mess this up.
  • give conveyer lifts another kind of indication when it snaps to an input/output other then sound. It's always good to have several indicators for these things.
  • add a visual indicator to merger/splitters so we can see which ones are inputs/outouts from above.
  • I would like to be able to scan for sources/objects from within my vehicle. I wouldn't mind if that's only possible with the Explorer, would be fitting imo.
  • Also it would be great to mark a source after you scanned for it, so you don't have to rescan over and over again to not lose track of it.
  • Give us a notification of some kind when the M.A.M. is done scanning
  • ok this is probably a bigger thing then QoL but I would love to create a new spawn point. this obviously influences balance of the game, but it could be restricted by very high costs and a maximum number of spawn points. Especially in late game where you wanna make use of alot of the map that would be awesome.
  • also much bigger: I would love to see streets. Similar to foundations they just looks more like streets and would be mainly used for trucks. Maybe they can drive a bit faster on them, or it's just purely visual to indicate this is a truck road.
  • similar: be able to colour foundations. would be great to mark down special areas.
  • a second body slot so you can jetpack and the outer skeleton legs together. or the legs and parachute etc.

That's most of what I have in mind for now. Maybe I'll edit some stuff later on.
And I know, probably things have already been mentioned and others already been denied or greenlit by the team. That's why I would like to see a list from the devs which things are and maybe have one bigger thread where we can discuss things instead of many split discussions?
Also I can 100% understand if things are too hard or take too much time to implement, as a gamedev myself I know how much work the most mundane things can be! No pressure here! <3
anyway, feel free to add, discuss, criticize everything I said here :)

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