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This Mercer is blocked from every angle. I thought then that it might be the tree but nope. This is me trying to blow the tree up but the Nobelisks kept getting stuck to the 'wall' instead.


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There are 5 slugs in a dead tree the north of Titan Forest which have exactly the same problem. The "invisible wall" is the 'hitbox' of the trees branches which is way to large.
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Same problem.
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Still not fixed. :-(
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Knowing that trains are still a little glitchy and can pass through rock walls, I built a train passing right next to this guy and tried exiting the train while I was right next to the Sphere. But no luck: it immediately puts me on top of the invisible bubble instead of next to the train and the Sphere.
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And just in case you were wondering, if you get below the map and build up to the sphere you will get stuck. The water of the swamp is under that whole area. You can get within 6 foundation thicknesses of it, but when you try to move closer, you will float up to about 2 foundations away and cannot collect it.

This is the only alien artifact in the whole game that cannot be collected. I have the rest.
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I have the rest too. I haven't slept in 15 days because if this elusive Mercer Sphere. (I might be exaggerating a bit. :-P)
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